I feel like I am not properly bonding with my housemate and that she is judging me

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This is silly but since living in a new city it has been difficult making friends and have been isolated. To be honest due to my crap childhood and teens and growing up in poverty withlearning disability life has never stopped being stuggle. I am a independent but sociable person but recently moved in a new place with a young lady who is really nice and comes from a good family, has friends and loves gossip and social media. I am more the quirky type. I taken over the room of her housemate who is very close to her. My life has been isolated that I do not have much to tell her accept make jokes and it's like she knows my life is bad. I used to have my own place and have done house shares. I am thinking of getting my own place. Any advice?
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Housemate; sometimes it's more emphasis on the house and not the mate and just because you are sharing a place doesn't mean you have to be bestest buddies, just respectful of each other.

Be practical; can you afford a place on your own, or would you save more money continuing in a house share for a while longer? Is it convenient for work, shops, travel etc? It doesn't sound like there's any particular issues where you are, just you aren't that compatible. Try finding some activities where you can meet like-minded people to feel less isolated, and just learn to be comfortable with your housemate.
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You don't need to be friends. Just be kind and courteous and fulfil any obligations you agreed to.

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