Some story I just remembered about mindfulness.

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There was a story about an elderly couple who hired a hunter to find their missing son who got lost in the forest hiking. The hunter followed the hiking path, and found where he went off track. Then after hours of following his footprints in the grass, he said to the parents "this is where your son died". But there was no body. The parents asked where the body is, and the hunter pointed further down the path: "down there, maybe 5 miles at best". The parents asked how their son could have died here if his body was so far away - was it wolves? Bears? The hunter replied that at about this time the sun must have began setting, causing the man to have panicked about not being able to get home. When asked how he knew this, the hunter pointed down at the mans foot prints, which were getting further and further apart; he had broken into a sprint.

The hunter went on to explain that after sunset there was no hope for the man to survive the night on foot, and by panicking and running further into the forest he would have eventually died by the freezing cold temperatures of his sweat after realising running was at no use. The hunter told the parents that he might of survived had he stopped, focused and taken a look around him. Where he broke into a sprint was near foliage he could have used to build a fire, berries he could have ate and a lake he could have drank from - but by panicking about the future and running deeper into the forest he had missed his opportunity to see another day. The man had not focused on keeping himself safe in that moment, but rather whether he would see another day.

(Have NO idea what I remember this from or if I've even told it correctly but yeah just popped to mind. Don't mind the terrible writing, it's been 2 years since I've had to write a proper story haha)
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i will take this is a sign for me to not revise rn and instead sleep and start tomorrow😃
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