To all those people

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To all those people who feel worthless,
To all those people who feel like there surrounded in a cave of darkness and feel like there suffocating and feel like there is no light at the end of the tunnel.
To all those people who people misjudge you because of your style or shout things at you and whisper things about you when your right there!.
To all those people who parents say they love you but quite clearly don't and try to manipulate you and make you feel worthless.
To all those people who cry nearly every night in there room.
To all those people who put on a fake act to make themselves okay to others but on the inside wanna curve up into a ball and just no exist.
To all those people who look outside and just wanna walk of the face of the planet.
To all those people who place pain on themselves secretly to disclose what they feel.
To all those people who live there lives feeling ugly stupid fat shameful and full of sorrow.
I am here for you what ever you go through because I have been through all of that just gotta know that some people have it worse then you and others have it better than you. And it's **** to feel like your lungs are collapsing and you just want pump your life back together but just can't find the right piece of the puzzle. To feel like your going mentally insane and so you try to diagnose yourself which doesn't work. ITS OKAY I know to many people say this but I get it I have been through the trauma and I know people have been through it worse but I know that the trauma will make me who I ma in the future and everyday I tell myself I have a better life when I leave just gotta wait. But If its so bad your gotta get out of there I know tons of you won't speak to anyone for the sake your scared of being taken away from your parents or whoever but telling people has been the best thing In my life. I never wanted help or people to help mw I used to scream at people who tried to help me because my defences told me not to but by telling someone I left my parents and was put in care for reasons I rather not say and as much as it was traumatic and I felt like my whole world caved in. I have learned to accept most help and its helping me. So just know no matter what your life will fix just gotta believe and do whatever it is you need to cope just not anything that will hurt you because I have done that and all I got was backlash it wasn't worth it and it scared me literally and mentally. You will get through this one way or another trust me I know. Don't be afraid to speak you never know It may be the best thing that has ever happend to you. It was for me
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This is a very sweet and special message to put out there. I'm sorry to hear you have trauma. I've went through traumatic things with my parent as well, and I know it's not easy. You are so strong. :hugs:

Here if you ever need to talk.

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