Is it worth spending a bit more for first year accommodation?

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If I’m not mistaken, private accommodation in second year onwards tend to be a bit cheaper. So first year is the big money spender with halls, and going out more etc.

If I get say 9000 in loans, no support from family but I can supplement that with maybe 4000 from part time job savings. And then another few K if I work during the year. This is all hypothetical, but having a quick look at Kings College London, the cheapest accommodation for me is 6400, and that’s for a 14 bed flat. I’m not expecting luxury or anything, and I know it’s London but still, 14 people for a tiny kitchen and bathroom, still 6400 a year is insane. There are many more, slightly nicer options in the region of 8-9K. I could feasibly afford this, but I’m not made of money, is it an unnecessary expense. Is it better to shell out more money for a slightly nicer accom in first year, or suck it up and save money because you’re living in one of the most expensive cities in the world and you’re poor.

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It depends on what standard of accommodation you wish to have alongside budget, I never lived at halls when I attended university as I had my own home, but if I did I would make my decision if I did based on location and price. Do you have a part-time job right now so are you planning to get one?

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