COVID 19 - Uni wont let me retake the year.

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Hi guys,

I guess I just wanted to reach out and see if there are any other students in a similar situation to me and if so, what are you doing about it?

I have just finished my second year at the University of Brighton, I study Fashion Communication (a very practical course). I can honestly say this year has been the hardest year of my life, trying to manage completing a degree from my bedroom. I have only been into uni (physically) for teaching once this year whole year.The rest has been through online microsoft teams, as i am sure it has been the same for all other students.

I can confidently say that the teaching this year has been a shambles. I have had to get counselling for anxiety and extensions for every project so far because i feel that i have had very little help and guidance. I really feel like my uni has completely disregarded the fact that students were living through a worldwide pandemic, away from home and wanted to carry on as normal. There has been NO extra help for us.

I have managed to pass every module, however, regardless, I feel that the pandemic has really prevented me from alot of practical skills and learning which is a must in fashion and i want to retake the year, but uni are NOT letting me because i have passed !!!!!!

I am unable to do placement, because i cannot afford it. i also dont want to go into final year because i dont feel mentally ready, as non of our grades matter until final year, i want to make sure i am at my best.

i am now having to go through students union to appeal this decision and make a formal complaint as the person who has decided that i cant retake this year, has not taken into consideration the learning lost as a result of the pandemic, rather, a black and white opinion of me passing every module. They said if i am not happy with my grades they have created a 'safety net' which allows you to appeal them, but this is not the point. it is not about the grades, rather the mental health and experience i have struggled with this pqst year and they need to look at students wanting to resit on a case by case basis.

i have been passed from person to person, they have been so unhelpful and i really feel unlistented to.

is anyone else in a similar situation ?

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