Should I transfer from my 4 year masters to a bachelors so I can specialise?

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So this a bit of a long explanation but I am currently on a four year masters course in biochemistry but I am thinking of transferring to a bachelors so I can use my fourth year to specialise.

But I am not sure of what I want to specialise in yet and I am worried if I were to transfer now (2nd year in Sept) and apply for masters at a different uni and I don't get in, I will not be able to go back to my original course.

I also don't know whether I can transfer to a masters course in my third year as I am going to assume it'll be really difficult since it'll be my graduating year. Unless I am wrong?

I want a masters and if not in a specialism then in biochemistry. Also my current university does not offer the potential specialism I wish to choose (pharmacology - not sure about this yet - grrr I'm so indecisive ).

Can anyone give nay advice? Anything would be useful
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You would just need to skip year four. Two years for the foundations, one year for the bachelors, and the last year for the masters. I'm assuming this based on the majority of other subjects having this structure. You're best off talking to your tutor/ university.

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