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Can I become a cancer researcher with biomedical science
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(Original post by Rub5746)
Can I become a cancer researcher with biomedical science
Hi Rub5746

Biomedical science has a broad range of specialisms which you can research into. One of the areas which is covered as part of our biomedical science courses is Cancer biology. It is covered both as a taught aspect of the course, and you can go on to research it as part of our research degrees.

At the University of Hull we offer BSc Biomedical Science and one of the second year modules Biological Basis of Disease which allows you to gain an understanding of the biological, biochemical and genetic basis of several diseases including cancer. One of our Third year modules is titled Cancer Biology in which you learn how current research impacts diagnosis and treatment of cancer patients.
These modules are currently listed for those applying in September 2021, but you can find out more about the BSc Course here -

Our MSc Biomedical Science (Taught masters) programme includes a module titled Cellular and Molecular Biology of Cancer which covers the molecular and cellular hallmarks of cancer, basic components of carcinogenesis, as well as specialist lectures in the areas of cancer diagnosis, and molecular diagnostic imaging. However it is worth noting that with the Msc that all modules are subject to availability and this list may change at any time. You can find out more about the course here -

You can then also go on to research into Cancer Biology as a postgraduate research degree -

Hope this helps


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