Grieving and depending on someone?

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I wouldn’t say it’s depending , well I don’t know.

I met (My bf now ) 3 years ago and he showed interest but I wasn’t interested as I was newly single and living my best life. We kept eachother on social media but didn’t speak.

My dad died a year ago and he sent me a message with his condolences as he has lost people in his life and his dad( 7 years ago). I thanked him and he said your always welcome to chat with me or get a breather and go out for a walk or coffee as we only lived 10 mins apart. I said thanks but( I wasn’t going to )

Anyways, his sibling ended up being killed 2 weeks later so I sent him a message in respect of him sending me one and my condolences I gave him my number and said feel free to call me if you want someone to speak to. ( didn’t think he would call, I was just being nice) we started speaking from there. Couple weeks later The day of my dads funeral he surprised me at my house with flowers. I found it super cute and respectful so I started speaking more closer to him.

It’s been a year and now we’re in a relationship. ( we got into a committed relationship couple months after the funeral about 5 months , we was always with eachother )

We both know if it wasn’t for our bereavement we wouldn’t be speaking. Espically me as I wasn’t intrested in the first place.

This creates a tight bond between us but I feel like because my dad was the only man in my life and now I have him I feel scared of loving. I love him however I feel like I might depend on him too much? As in if I loose him or we break up I wouldn’t honestly be sooooooooo lost and depressed. I do have some trust issues too from past relationships. Our relationship is good and and I’m happy with him.

Is this normal?
Can I get advice?
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I'd say keep it going and see how it goes but also ask his intentions and also maybe ask him how he feels about you..? Try to take a break every now and then if you feel that you dont want to depend on him and discuss this too if you really want to be assured.

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