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I recently applied for a BSc course at the University of Derby. Back in January I had an interview for the MSc version of the course, my interview was successful but I was added to a waiting list as there were no available places. I believe the drop out rate is low so I don't expect to get a place on the MSc.
I dismissed the idea of doing the BSc as I already have a degree and thought I couldn't get funding but found out that I can due to the nature of the course.
I imagine that my application would be straight forward; I've already been interviewed and I have a First Class Degree in a related subject . However, despite this my application seems to be going nowhere. I applied weeks ago. I call admission weekly but it never seems to be progressing further. I am told that there are still places on the course yet I speak to other students who already have places and they only waited around 3 weeks. I'm really desperate to find out if I have a place as I am a (very) mature student and I have dependants so while the course if very much doable, I need to make arrangements for childcare etc on days when I will be in University etc so wanted to get the ball rolling.
Any ideas of what I can do? Should I just give up the idea of studying at Derby? I don't think I could have shown any more passion for the subject than I have but it seems to be getting me nowhere. The whole process is getting really upsetting now, every week I called admissions and it is soul destroying. They are able to tell me it is being process but not why it is taking so long nor when I can expect to hear back.
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I think they are very behind on applications, I've been waiting forever too. They say 5-10 working days for applications but that is clearly not the case, at least not at the moment. They might be many many months behind on certain courses and applications for all we know.
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Apologies you've had this issue, our admissions team is working through applications as quickly as possible, please could you provide us with your application details (name/email address/student ID) to [email protected], so we can look into the application for you.

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