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I’m from a cultural Pakistani household. However, ever since I’ve been younger (about 2-3 years old), my grandparents ( fathers side) are horrible to me. Especially my Grandmother. Some of things she does:
1.check my labels on my clothes to see where my clothes are from ( to determine if they are from ‘cheap’ places)-twisted I know
2.NEVER invite me to dinners and parties - only when she has too
3. She never wishes me happy birthday but wishes my cousins and gives them elaborate gifts( I am an only child)
4.only invites my father when there is parties- leaving me and my mother to fend for ourselves
5. Makes my aunties -(her daughters, who are all married and old enough to understand)- never even talk to me
6.if she sees me across the street she will never talk to me but then Tells my father that I never talked to her , ending in me and father arguing because he always takes her side

These are only a small amount of things she does... I’m trying to give her the benefit of the doubt but should I hate her?
She’s made me have endless breakdowns yet I still have to act normal around her when she has caused me so so much pain.

Maybe I am overreacting but please tell me what you think :/
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You should never hate another person even if there's a valid reason to hate them.

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