[20M]Confused about a [F21]friend who suddenly stopped talking to me

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Me and this girl at work are friends and hanged in the same group for years but she was always way more shy with me than anyone else that a can remember (she didn't even wanted me to know her age) and I never asked why. Anyway, now only one friend remains and suddenly, her shyness completely went away and started to talk to me way more.
Although, when we were alone she reverted to her shy self and barely talked. she was even telling me she was thinking about a convo we had during the day at night, although nothing too crazy but stuff she would never do before. She always laughed at my dumb jokes and always got in when I picked on my friends for fun. Her ex boyfriend came back in the picture and she didn't wanna talk about this in front of me (I always talk about this kind of stuff in front of her) But one day she suddenly stopped Spending her breaks with me. she would still greet me if we crossed path but with a depressed kinda tone which is unusual
for her I really found that weird... Now she won't even talk to me and I feel like she tries to dodge me as much as she can. Nothing bad happened between us for her to act like that... In my mind it was just nothing more than friendly but my friend says he thinks she likes me but fear rejection so she acts that way. So I'm biggy confused right now. Sorry for long rambling.

TL;DR; : [23F]friend finally stopped being shy with me then suddenly stopped talking to me and I feel she avoids me a little bit. Is my buddy imagining things thinking she likes me or Am I right to not see it that way?
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Ask her about what she truly feels.

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