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So basically I am in Year 12 and currently doing an EPQ on human trafficking, but I am very far (5 months) behind and I don't know what to do...
The deadline for EPQ at my school is September Year 13 but I haven't even written my literature review yet and when I am filling in my project log I am still filling in the weeks for January (like what I am doing now is filling up the time I missed from September to now).

I have found lots of useful articles but I am very worried about whether I will be able to finish my EPQ over the summer because I also need to work on my personal statement and Geography coursework...

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated, thank you
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good luck
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I finished my EPQ this year and was about as behind as you are now so hopefully, this will help.

First of all, don't worry too much about the Literature Review. It doesn't need to be too in-depth, just briefly evaluate how the author, date of publication and format of the source (website, book, etc.) impacts the overall effectiveness and reliability of the source. You could also include a brief summary that focuses mainly on how you would incorporate this source into your final essay but don't worry too much about it.

The main thing you deffo need to do is update your logbook. Your feeling really behind right now and are stressing over managing your workload? Write about this in your logbook, outline where you went wrong and then detail how you plan to get back on track. Examiners (or whoever is gonna read your EPQ work) don't want to see your EPQ experience as being a breeze with no moments of stress or struggle and by writing about this moment in your logbook you are showing that you can criticise yourself and use it to improve, which will gain you extra marks.

As for getting back on track, I would firstly make a plan separated into weeks so that you can plan out what you will be focussing on for each week. For now, the Literature Review can wait (unless your school has set an earlier deadline on this) and instead focus on planning out your actual essay and starting to write that (it takes the longest and the most brainpower, even if it's worth less marks). Find resources as you go and keep a separate log of them. I did this by bookmarking them on my laptop so that I could easily find them again. Don't bother adding them to your literature review just yet.

After you have finished your essay, then finish off your logbook and leave the Literature Review until last. I know that this sounds really stupid but once you've finished your essay and logbook you feel more completed and it limits the amount of waffling you write in the Review because you can directly link it to your essay.

I had about 7 months to do my EPQ and I did most of it in the final month whilst revising for my Year 13 exams so I'm sure that you'll manage it. Just plan your time, try not to procrastinate (even though that's easier said than done), and focus on getting it all done so that you can have a break this summer without stressing over it.

Good luck xx

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