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Jaw surgery on the NHS as an adult?

Hi, I was wondering if anyone had experience getting jaw surgery on the NHS as an adult? I have a severe overbite, I'm unsure what it is now but when I was seeing an orthodontist as a teen they said it was 13mm on one side and 14mm on the other. I had the removable block braces to try and bring my lower jaw forward and train track braces without much improvement. I was told that I was eligible for surgery to have my lower jaw broken and brought forwards but my dad didn't want me to have it just because I "didn't like my teeth". Ive not seen an orthodontist since I was about 15, I'm 20 now and I've mostly just learned to live with it even though I hate it. But over the past year I've been having really bad jaw pain to the point that sleep feels impossible some days, it hurts to chew and my jaw clicks and locks itself alot. I also get really bad pain by the front of my ears. I was hoping that I could get treatment for this but everywhere I look says that the NHS very rarely gives adults orthodontic treatment. Has anyone had experience getting treatment on the NHS for similar as an adult? I'm scared I'll be laughed out of the dentist if I ask about it because I already missed my chance.
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Hey, i'm in a similar position to you where i have learnt to live with my facial appearance but deep down its still my biggest insecurity. It's really hard to deal with and its something you wish you could change immediately. I looked at having braces/jaw surgery when i was 18 but the whole process seemed so scary so i didn't go through with it. Now im 21 and thinking about going through the process but it seems so far away, especially now during Covid. I think if it mentally and physically affects you then you can receive treatment through the NHS but im still not entirely sure.
Hiya can I ask what the outcome of this was? It doesn't sound orthodontic to me, but more orthognathic hun. I suffer from TMJ in my jaw and pay privately to have botox in my facial masseter muscles which provide some relief from jaw pain for a few months. I had braces years ago and several teeth removed as my mouth was overcrowded, but it didn't solve my jaw pain. I'm going to ring my GP tomorrow and request a referral to the maxillo facial dept at my local hospital, to try and get this sorted. Even if it means jaw surgery, as the pain has been there for over 25 years now, and I'm only 39 :frown:

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