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So I’m a manager at a well know fast food place and a customer had a money voucher for his food, went I typed in the voucher it was saying invalid so he showed me emails where it says there was a mistake and that it will be revalidated so I thought I’d just put through the voucher. This is called a chicken check and will go off the total of the food. When taking the till of you would just write in how much the voucher was for on the computer to make till balance out but I realised a voucher wouldn’t have been validated on the till as it was showing as invalid. So I didn’t to void the transaction on the till so the till would balance out without the voucher and I wouldn’t have to put it through on the computer. But customer received food for this order and you will clearly be able to see this on the camera. Now I’m worried that this will flag on the system and I will get in trouble. Can I have some advice on what to do please
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Speak to your boss.

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