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Guys, here is my post pleading you do NOT go to Leicester. Do NOT go. I am from a city constantly known as a Sh*thole up north so I know my fair share of bad places. But Leicester, the only reason it’s not on the list is because it has nice architecture in the city centre etc.
Let’s list
1. The people there are truly, truly awful humans. They will not care about anything other than themselves or their company, if “company policy” was a place it would be Leicester. No morals,Nothing.

2. An extension on number 1, rudeness. I’ve never been to a place so full of rude people in my life. If you move out of the way for someone in the street you are not gonna get a “thank you”. And also if you don’t move out the way for someone they won’t let you through, you’ll walk and clash shoulders. I tested it. This is literally a thing! Why is this a thing?!

3. The university (with this being the student room after all) is also diabolical. I suppose they had a bad year last year with covid so I’m not sure on a normal day what it could bring, but wow during this last year the help was AWFUL. No support, no logic from some of the lecturers (dog barking in your other room while you’re lecturing, surely you’d shut it up?)

4. Lack of things to do, no arena, no things that make the place stand out. Just highly expensive (and tbh quite rubbish) pubs, a cinema which as well is highly expensive, highcross shopping centre which is quite good on first sight but then you realise the shops in there (apart from a couple) are just waste of places really.

5. The serious part. Being in this place nearly killed me, and if I hadn’t moved it may have done so. the whole experience was so so awful, and I would never wish this on my worst enemy. So please take this into consideration.

So this was just something I wanted to post, if you’re looking at Leicester for your studies and life then please go somewhere else, if this post helps just 1 person with their decision, then I can be proud of this post and accept I had a bad experience so this person could live their best life, in any other place in the country, where people and things are normal, as normal.

Thanks for reading
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