Research Participants required - PhD Study on your experiences of COVID-19 and BLM

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Fiona McIntosh
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Hello everyone! My name is Fiona, I am a qualified adult nurse and a 2nd year PhD student at The University of Edinburgh.

I am looking for Final Year Student nurses to help take part in my research study, which is focused on your unique and individual experiences during the COVID-19 pandemic and Black Lives Matter movement. By participating in this research, you will be helping me by sharing and reflecting on your own experiences, which will hopefully be valuable to you, future nursing practices and the fair and equitable development of our profession. I am asking to interview you on Zoom or Microsoft Teams.

If you are passionate about sharing your stories and experiences of whether the COVID-19 pandemic and/or the Black Lives Matter movement has influenced you as an individual/student nurse, then please get in touch for further details. Your participation could help contribute to real change in the nursing profession!

Thank you!

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