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I'm at the end of year 12 and just got my a level fine art mock grade back. I got an a and am predicted an a-a* but I'm planning on applying to Oxford and Edinburgh for fine art this year so I sort of need an a* to have a chance. Is it normal for year 12 fine art students to be a grade lower than what they want?
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I take a level art and design but i presume its quite similar, to get an a* your sketchbook work has to be consistently outstanding and constantly backing up bigger pieces you do, your sketchbook has to flow like its a journey of your learnings, like exploring textures, lines etc. This is what my art teacher said to me, it didn't make sense at first but when i compared my sketchbook (an a) to an a* though we both had good work theirs just looked like it flowed, like it really was a journey of her learning through her experiences. That's when it kind of clicked what I needed to do to improve just that little bit more. But yes i was getting a's in year 12, but the more I understood the course. the better i got. Then pushed my grade up to an a* in year 13, its definitely possible when you really think about why your doing what your doing it, showing your passion in your work, and of course hard work.

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