Why men leave “perfect” women?

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This may not sound fair, because it’s not-

But did you know that you can be a guy’s dream girl...

I mean, you can literally check off every box on his “perfect woman” list...

But if you mess up this one thing, he’ll drop you the second another option comes along?

My friend James Bauer discovered this missing “secret ingredient” all men are constantly searching for in a woman.

And most women have no clue it exists because guys aren’t even aware of it.

We just KNOW when it’s missing.

==> Why men leave “perfect” women...
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Because evidently they're not as close to perfection as they appear to the outside world. To suggest that someone would break up with someone else over a minor mistake is etiher an indicator of your naivety or an immature relationship that was doomed to fail anyway.
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The dream girl is a funny thing to me because it is just a dream. Guys and even girls can get this ideal partner in their head but the funny thing is that person does not exist, it's fabricated in your head. Some people get stuck in the search for perfection, but you'll probably never find it. Perfect implies that there is no possible way to improve because that person is without flaw, they are literally everything you could want. As much as one could think that it is impossible there will always be at least something you'll have an issue with. If a man leaves a woman it is because she is not perfect and likely from his perspective not worth what he gains. Even when a guy thinks he's with the best of the best, an idea that something better could be out there and it becomes real, it isn't strange for him to go for it.

Of course the guys who realise that perfect doesn't exist and you should appreciate the love and care despite her flaws are the ones that usually end up with longer relationships.

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