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I messed up. I've always wanted to be a vet growing up but was discouraged a lot by the people around me, saying I was not capable enough to become a vet. I regret not believing in myself but I didn't. I've just finished year 13, doing English Literature, Politics and Sociology. I do enjoy humanities but I regret not doing a science now. I'm asking for help, is there anyway I can still become a vet without having to retake A Levels? Are there any science foundation courses I can do or maybe a gateway course, that would allow me to still do veterinary medicine? please let me know ASAP. I understand redoing a levels may be the easiest way but I don't want to after just finishing them - if I have to I will but is there any other way or options? please let me know and thank you to anyone that responds.
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Retaking A Levels will provide you with the most options for when you apply to universities as everywhere will accept them. A couple of the vet schools have foundation/gateway years where the entry requirements are lowered or are not as picky about subjects, however several of these require you to have a disadvantaging background in order to apply. Vet schools which have these 6 year courses are RVC, Notts, Bristol and Liv (sorry if I've forgotten any) and make sure you read the entry requirements carefully.

If you email admissions teams you will be able to get a better idea. You may only have to retake one or two subjects in order to qualify (I *think* Harper/Keele will accept students who only have one science A Level, for example). Admissions will be able to advise you on what the best route to take is in your position.

Finally, there are other options such as the Access to HE Diploma, taking BTECs in science or animal-based subjects etc. which are also open to you, however, you may find that fewer vet schools accept these qualifications and that A Levels will leave your options more open.

I was in a similar situation to you, I finished sixth form with two irrelevant A Levels (with poor grades actually!) and then decided I wanted to try and become a vet. I went back to college to study an Access course and worked hard to gain work experience placements. I am now happily at vet school after completing my Prelim Year at Notts. So it is possible. Good luck.

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