How to make bf feel loved?

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Were both 20 and often busy but trying to make more time to spend with each other. Boyfriend has said suggested that he wants me to give him more attention and make him feel loved? How to do this?
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It depends how this is coming across. If you two don't spend enough time together feelings that make you feel unloved are normal. For example if he was hoping to see you at the weekend and you said sorry I'm doing this instead, it is a normal reaction to feel unloved because he's been put second to what you are doing. In this case I'd advise simply making it up to him, go out of your way to ask him out and make him feel included in your life. Give him some alone time of just you and him, to make him feel like hes special to you.

The case that is not so good is if he's coming across needy. If you are busy but still do your best to spend what free time you have with him and it still isn't enough that sadly that is on him. Some people need a lot to feel loved and that's what makes them needy, it comes from a deeper anxiety/insecurity. In this case I'd talk more deeply about it to him and ask him what you can do to help him through that.

Hopefully it is the first case I described and not the second. Just give him some priority in your life, maybe take a day off to spend with just him and do something out of the ordinary together.
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Pretty much agree with the post above. You might be doing things which isolates him whether that be emotionally or physical isolation. Ask him directly why he feels that way so you can get to the root of the problem. I wouldn’t say spending just 1 day with him would suffice though, normally when people say they want to feel loved, it means that they are not satisfied with the current relationship. To solve that issue, a talk with him would help.
If you’re both busy then it would definitely be something that comes to mind in terms of making time for each other, fix it before it’s too late.
You might not know that you’re doing the things which make him unloved.

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