Personal trainer guilt

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During lockdown three I became totally demotivated to do any form of exercise. Realising I needed to snap out of it and get my fitness back I decided to hire a personal trainer. This was only ever meant to be a short term thing to get my routine back and learn some new techniques. I was only going to do around 8 sessions in my mind.

I'm now on session 15 , I am loving the benefits. I've never been so fit, it's motivating me to do more exercise and I am noticing changes in my body. I love personal sessions more so than any class I've been to. At this point I should say previously I have hatred exercise apart from yoga.

The thing is PT is expensive. Yes I can afford it, I'm very fortunate in that respect. But I feel so guilty spending £185 every six weeks on myself for six one hour classes. The guilt if spending money is huge.

But I love the accountability of having a PT. We have clicked. Problem is they only PT no group classes. I have met my goal of getting fitter, back into a routine and got some new technique but I would really miss the sessions if they came to an end, but at the same time I feel guilty spending so much on me.
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Well the internet has everything you need really, you can find training plans, tutorials on exercises and a plethora of information relevant to your goals. However, just be careful of the BS you may see and always look for the trusted sources. If its too good to be true then it is. As for the PT its great you click and its working but if you don't want to spend much more then you can just explain your situation and begin to venture into the gym without one. It may be daunting but using the information the trainer has given you and resources online you'll be able to make the same progress, if having that person there to push you helps what I suggest is making a playlist that gets you pumped and blasting it down your ears or even having a friend join you.

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