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Right so i’m currently at the end of year 12 and i do English Literature Media Studies and Biology, both English and Media i am quite confident at and i can expect to get an A at a level.

Biology on the other hand i lack a lot of confidence in and am currently getting around a D which i would need to get up to at least a C for uni.

I don’t wanna re take the year as it’s only one subject i have an issue with was just wondering if anyone has been in a similar situation or knows any options i can take?

Many thanks !
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Hello fellow yr12! I'm in a bit of a similar position as I do Bio, Chem, Geog and Comp Sci and my last Chem grade was a C and I need an A* for my uni course. I don't think you'll need to retake the year, but I totally understand the concern about getting grades up. My plan for the minute (yet to see what my next grades will be as we've just done mocks which affect our predicted grades) is just to spend lots of time going over the areas I'm not confident with to try and get my grade up as best as possible.

One thing which really helped (and may or may not help you) was talking to my teacher after I got my report about why I'd been given that grade and what I could do to improve. I got some good feedback on what I was already doing well and what I needed to do to bring my grade up. I'd definitely recommend asking your Biology teacher and see what they say. Other than that, it's probably just revision (I've been revising non-stop for my mocks and now just want to keep going even though I haven't got any more exams cause I don't know what else to do lol). As I fellow Biology student I would also recommend drawing diagrams based off your notes as this really helped me understand things like co-transport and transpiration.

Hope this helps

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