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So, I have this friend who is friends with this group of people who I occasionally talk to over video chat from time to time.
Don’t get me wrong their nice enough but not exactly my friends per say.
I was on a video call with them the other night and they were talking about some sort of plan that had already been arranged.
Like I said I don’t talk to them all the time, maybe a few times a week or month depending so I didn’t have a clue what they were talking about.
Obviously the other people knew I was on this call knew that I didn’t know about it and they didn’t say anything to me not even my friend.
I didn’t say anything at first because I wasn’t entirely sure what they were talking about.
Eventually my friend’s boyfriend ended up inviting me to come with them when they were going out but it made me feel kind of awkward because no one else before that had even said anything and they all just kept talking about it before that.
I don’t know if I’m right to feel annoyed about the whole situation because after all I did get invited but I don’t know if it was just out of pity or if the other people don’t actually want me to come. I’m unsure of what to do next because I feel like if I talk to my friend about it will just get worse because she’ll end up telling everyone else that I came to talk to her most likely. I don’t know if I should go or just tell her how I feel about the whole situation or what.
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Meh. I think you’re over thinking. It might well be pity but then again why would you think that in this context.. I’m guessing your relationship with your friends boyfriend is a good one; if anything, it seems like an etiquette to involve you into it without leaving you out. Would you have preferred if he left you out?Like a group thing, I guess. If you feel like everyone there wouldn’t like you because “you don’t know them”, I feel like that’s a negative thought process to have. It’s just like not going to a party because “not everyone there might like me”.. just ask your friend what it is they planned, who is going to be there and decide if you want to go or not.

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