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Hello i’ve been living in the UAE for like half of my life now and now i’m 18. I’ve applied through UCAS because i want to study in london and do what i want to do. Last year my parents even accepted that but now suddenly they’ve changed their mind and want me to study in the UAE on some engineering course. I don’t want to study that and instead i want to study real estate in london. My parents keep telling me that i didn’t prove i could study here so why should we trust you to study there and it’s just so annoying because we all know what happened this past year and for us we didn’t even have school for the majority of the year. I don’t understand why they are making this decision before results day. I just want to live a better life and they’re taking it from me. I can’t even do anything about it because i have no money. have you guys got any advice on what i should say or do? I’m an american citizen living in the UAE
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Get a job in the UAE instead of studying there. Save up for UK tuition fees and study in London as a mature student.

But first, try to persuade them otherwise.

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