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I’m planning on taking Maths, geography and then either economics or psychology. I’ve been told economics would be a better fit with my other subject choices but I’m concerned about the amount of essay writing involved in both of them.
To anyone whose either done 1 or both of them at alevel, how did you find them and how essay based were they?
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If you're concerned about essay writing then maybe don't take a social science? Either way, if you're starting either subject from scratch it may be difficult to initially get a grip on either of them, but definitely don't let that get you down. I took economics as a brand-new/fresh subject at A-Level, and I will admit it was very challenging at first. Both psychology and economics from what I know are very content-heavy, but as long as you know the content: essay writing will come easily to you.
I can only speak for my subject, but we have up to 25 markers - and as long as you get down the formula for writing (KAA, EV) it should be repetitive but much easier - the longer questions are all about chains of analysis (which sound scary, but are mostly just stating common sense points with fancy words).

As I said, I cannot speak for psychology but I know I chose not to take it because the essay writing turned me off, and honestly, economics essays are much better than say... a 3-page English literature essay. Definitely do it if you're interested

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