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Energy/environmental policy Masters - LSE vs UCL vs Imperial

Hi everyone,

I'm lucky enough to have offers for 3 MScs:

LSE - Environmental Policy & Regulation
UCL - Economics and Policy of Energy & Environment
Imperial - Environmental Technology (Energy Policy option)

But I'm really struggling to decide which one to go for... They all look like great courses but I'd be really interested to hear from anyone who's studied any of them (and ideally knows people who have studied the others). Which has the best reputation? Which has the best career prospects? Which has the best lecturers? Which has the best links to external orgs/industry?

I'm leaning towards the UCL and Imperial ones, as I'm keen to focus on energy policy/economics (while still covering broader environmental policy). The UCL course seems to teach more "hard" economic skills like econometrics but the Imperial one is really long-standing and I got on well with the tutor who interviewed me...

I'm planning on working for an environmental/energy thinktank or consultancy after my Masters.

Any advice much appreciated!
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Omg may I ask what your undergraduate degree was? Just as well, what did you end up picking in the end? Congratulations in any case!

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