rant and also a question from a hospital security

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Hiii so I work for the security team in a hospital and I just wanted to complain about patients who KEEP running around without letting the nurses know for a bit. I do understand the hardships that patients go through and I can't even imagine how suffocating it must be to stay in a hospital room for a long period of time, but at least inform the nurses or your family members first? And it's not just some annoying thing because I'm genuinely concerned for their safety. Anyways my team and I are planning to deploy a few cameras on the ceilings to identify patients' faces, but after making some surveys we realized the accuracy was quite low when it comes to recognizing patients with their face masks on, which is actually a big problem considering that we're in a hospital. So I guess my only question is: do any of you guys know anything about cams/ systems that are able to perform with high accuracy? Thanks for listening to my rant, any help is appreciated.
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I think you should just ask an installer? Or call the consultant of the system/ camera brand? I feel like they'll give you a more straightforward and clearer answer. But for your reference, I've heard of a company called skyrec and I believe they do provide a face mask detection or something. I'm not sure if they do software or cameras but you can check them out if you're interested. And good luck on your job, I can't imagine having to be responsible for so many people's safety. Man, must be a tough.

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