BCE Year 12/UCAS Grades Advice/Help Please

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Unfortunately I didn't do so well in the Year 12 exams and ended up with BCE. I wanted to do Cyber Security in Aston but fall short, (BBB) and CCC for Foundation Year in Aston. I looked at some courses and I am interested in Foundation Year at Birmingham City, it needs exactly 72 UCAS points which is exactly what I have. My plan is after doing foundation year in City I move to Aston. What is the best way to go about this, I have emailed Aston and they have said they do accept external programmes as long as I meet GCSE and level 3 qualification reqiurements. They said: We would require an official course specification of your Foundation year and/or full transcript so that this can be thoroughly assessed by the Admissions team and tutor – however, this would only be done upon receiving a UCAS application, as we would not be able to assess this and give a decision beforehand. What does this exactly mean in terms of how I apply? And if you have any advice for me it would be nice, I also do not wanna take a gap year or redo Year 12.
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1) Many Universities will consider, and make offers to, applicants just below their entry requirements. Its therefore worth having one of two 'just above' choices amongst your 5 choices.

2) Foundation courses are devised as Year 0 for that degree and that Uni only - they are not a universal 'qualification' that you can use at other Universities. They are not there to give you a 'way in' to a decent Uni - that is actually what A levels are for.

3) You could do some serious work during the rest of this term and over the summer. Then speak to your teachers and ask if you can show early in the autumn term that you can achieve higher grades, will they raise your predictions.

4) Or you dont apply to UCAS in 13. Instead you work your socks off to get the best grades you can and apply to Aston during a gap year with decent known grades.

Its up to you - how badly do you want to go to Aston and are you prepared to make any extra to achieve that?

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