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Hi guys, I currently hold an offer for Exeter in Msc Finance and Investment, as well as an offer for Southampton for Msc Finance, and one for Msc finance from Lancaster.

Which programme has better job prospects? Because that is my main deciding factor.

Also does the 'MSc Finance' course carry more prestige than 'MSc Finance and Investment'? I mean in general, not at these specific unis. I just didn't understand the difference. Are they both "Master of finance" masters, or is Msc Finance and investment not classified as a "Master of finance"

thanks again.
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Hi dreyer71,

Congratulations on your offer. Finance is a great subject to do your masters in. In my opinion, Lancaster should be the best choice as its Lancaster University Management School is one of the best business schools in the world and is in the top 100. I've attended a few of their sessions as I'm an offer holder as well for Msc. International Business and Strategy. It seems to be a very promising school and I've also heard they have an amazing career service wing. Southampton is a also a good university but I do not know much about it's business school so I can not help you with it. Exeter on the other hand is a good university as well but if you have to choose between Exeter and Lancaster, the latter is a better choice. This, however, is just my opinion so do know your facts when choosing the university.

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