Ways to feel productive during the summer holidays

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Summer holidays can be a little bit too long if you do not have much planned and although during the first weeks it is really fun to meet up with friends and family and catch up, after a while it is possible that you start feeling a slightly unproductive. That is why I am bringing you a few ideas of things you can do during your summer break to enhance your CV, meet new people and spice it up a little bit.

-Learn a language: There are plenty of apps out there that can help you to learn a new language. You can also look for language exchange groups or even start watching tv shows in a foreign language.

-Take some courses: Once again, there are plenty of apps and platforms offering free or really affordable courses that you can do from home.

- Get a part time job, internship or placement: I would highly recommend this one. This is a great way to figure out what are those things you love and those that you prefer staying away from. You can contact your university careers services as they should have a database of employer and alumni contacts. Likewise, careers advisers could also help with applications, cover letters and interview preparations.

But more importantly… Do not forget to have fun (and put suncream on ⛱️)! You have worked really hard the whole year and you also deserve a bit of fun, so don’t work yourself too hard!



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