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University of Nicosia Vs European University Cyprus

Please which is a better university to study Medicine? University of Nicosia or European University Cyprus?
Both of em charge a crazy amount of money, better to go to Romania or something. Nicosia is the older one, the European one is newer so ofc the older one has more credibility. However all Medical schools in the EU are recognized.
I was always an A student and also a marathon athlete. From my 14 I wanted to become a Physical Therapist. So, I decided to attend European University Cyprus.

My time at EUC studying Physical Therapy left me thoroughly disappointed, primarily due to the quality of teaching. The head of the Physical Therapy department there is, in my opinion, one of the most ineffective educators imaginable. His teaching methods made the coursework unnecessarily difficult, and his demeanor was nothing short of abrasive. Rather than fostering a conducive learning environment, he seemed more intent on asserting his authority through intimidation tactics. It felt like being trapped in a hostile environment, with him as the oppressive warden. Despite consistently achieving high grades elsewhere, his teaching style made success seem unattainable. So I left and went to University of Nicosia.

My experience at UNIC was a breath of fresh air. The faculty members were not only knowledgeable but also approachable and supportive of their students' academic journey. While some may argue that the shortcomings at EUC are isolated to one individual, I can't help but question why such issues persist without intervention. Why does EUC not take proactive measures to ensure the quality of its teaching staff? The fact that certain instructors, like the one I encountered, have alarmingly low pass rates and grade, distributions should prompt a serious examination of the institution's educational climate.

Even though I had a bad experience with one teacher at EUC, UNIC was much better for learning and growing. If you're thinking about where to go, I strongly suggest UNIC.
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