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    It's because you're a scorpio. Yep. Seriously- One of the most typical traits of a scorpio is jealousy! So...nowt you can do about it...its in your nature :rolleyes:
    I'm a scorpio too... with virgo rising... I should be the most jealous person on earth! But I'm not - haven't got the energy. It just leads to feeling bad.

    But I agree that if your boyfriend knows that he's upsetting you and still continues, he obviously has no regard for your feelings and probably isn't worth the effort.

    I hate to be negative, but your friends sound the same way too... they seem to just dismiss your feelings, and who wants frineds like that?

    (Original post by residentangel)
    Thing is he gets jealous if another guy even sits next to me. But its fine for him to be surrounded by girls, give them pet names (!) and one of them grabbed his bum today.

    We have spoken about the jealousy thing several times, but it doesnt help.

    I dont want to break up with him so please dont advise that.
    It just shows he's way insecure-- needing to be surrounded by girls and then being overly aware of other guys in regards to you. Mostly this is his problem but you can help by being more attentive to him. If he's acting out of line with other girls show him through your behavior that it's not ok with you. If talking with him about hasn't worked by now then it won't so to impress upon him your sincerity you need to show him. Don't by psycho and pouty. Be mature about it. If he fails to notice that you're upset then he's not actually that into you and you should let him go.

    First of all you have to ask yourself whether you feel secure in the relationship with your boyfriend. If your answer is yes then you should not have to worry about him dumping you for another girl in your group.
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    I dont worry about him dumping me - i know it sounds weird but Im angry that they feel they can flirt with him, and angry that he wont stop them?
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