My review of BCU - Birmingham City University

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If anyone wants to discuss this place, please feel free to contact me on social media or on here.

Wherever you in the world or whoever you are, if you want to work, study or send your family and friends here; just don't do it. The place is an absolute disgrace. The place is a scam; a hoax. I thought I experienced it and saw it all at the previous so called "University" I worked at - University College Birmingham. I thought Birmingham City University would be different and be better, but clearly I was mistaken, it turns out it was worse. Repeat mistakes are common here. Staff are outside regularly smoking. The entire IT network has gone down. The IT set up is terrible and perhaps the worst of its kind, not just in the UK but perhaps in the world. The place goes through scapegoats and staff are not fit for purpose. ​I was bullied and picked and used as a scapegoat from day one. Made false accusations and when they could not prove anything, they made further false accusations on top. I feel like I was picked on because I was Asian and a Muslim. I was spoken to in a belittle manner and for no reason shouted at by managers and other staff. Also sworn at. The place has an extremely high turnover of staff. There are several other negative reviews regarding this place such as the ones written on glassdoor. I would not recommend to anyone to work or study here. Place is built on rumours; nepotism is common here too. There are staff who are fully aware of what goes on here but do not say anything and engage in the corruption, perhaps, in order to promote themselves or get their family and friends in. Given the opportunity your colleagues will back stab you and you will not even know. The staff engage in the bullying and corruption to either to attempt to promote themselves or they are worried the same might happen to them and therefore you cannot trust anyone. Unfortunately, you will find staff who are inexperienced and have little or no knowledge regarding education. Management and HR are only concerned about how to make money for themselves and invest in other means. I was denied annual leave for religious reasons and expected to work when others where allowed to go off. Special treatment is provided to others and you are expected to be treated and accepted as the scapegoat. There is no respect, support of fairness shown. There was no communication from management or HR. Just hearsay. They will try to make you appear that you are in the wrong and provide you their own definition of what they want you to hear. You will be called into several meetings and be falsely accused of things based on random accusations. Micro management is loved here. HR will go around and ask others to write witness statements against you based on lies. Also they will get witness statements from people who weren't even there. Your words will be twisted and your side of what really happened will not be taken into account. Also don't give them ideas as they will take them from you and claim it for themselves. They will not acknowledge that you were the one who came up with them in any way. Blame culture is present with extremely rude managers. Polices and procedures are not followed and made up along the way. They will follow it to suit themselves. They will say one rule is for you and you only. But they do not have to follow any of them. Disgusting and disgraceful. The following happened to me; -Verbal abuse inside and outside the University -Physical abuse outside the University -Someone called the Police on me whilst I was walking home but the Police never turned up whilst I was waiting there -A racist shouting out "****" to me whilst I was being called into the first investigation meeting against me by their incompetent HR department and deputy director of IT -Harassed and stopped by the West Midlands Police -Harassed by the West Midlands Ambulance Service -Nearly run over by a West Midlands Paramedic van and if I had not run across the road; I do not know what would have happened -Attacked by a West Midlands Paramedic and as a result of the attack I have had a head injury and suffering memory loss
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I am sorry this happened to you, all that sounds like my worst nightmare. I have a decision to make between BCU and Falmouth for a Masters in Architecture so knowing this helped somewhat. Do you know if the architecture department is any good?

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