Where to go to get Dating Photography done?

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Ok, so I want to get some dating photography done, I've got somewhere scenic in mind, the place I like to go in my leisure time. Problem is I'm having trouble getting hold of a photographer in my area, on the south coast. I've tried Gum Tree and the only photographers I can find, well one I later fell in just did some kind of nude/semi nude fetish kind of thing. The other I found isn't available on the dates I've got available.

All the other photographers tend to just do it from studios and even if they are willing to go on location are expensive. Most of these tend to specialise in family photography, portraits, etc. Out of the whole lot I can't find anyone who specifically mentions directly that they do dating photography, which I kind of find crazy in this day and age when loads of people are doing online dating.

So that just leaves family members most of which tend to have their hands full with other stuff. The one or other that I might be able to rope into it tend to be hideous with a camera, tending to hold it for a long time before pressing the button and often then at the worst moment.

So just wondering if anyone here has any ideas as to any resource I could tap into to find a photographer. Doesn't need to be an expert just the basics of handling a DSLR and take a reasonable quality photograph. Thinking about 50 Bob or so an hour, probably would only need an hour, any thoughts?
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You may want to consider being more flexible about your availability and budget.

Friends that used professional photographers for their dating portfolios or introductions agencies gave me a few recommendations.
Here are the ones that I can remember:

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