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Hi there,I'm moving to Sheffield this September to do my master. I'm considering 2 student halls, which are Bramall Court and Central Quay. Basically they both meet my requirements (en-suite, same price ~80ppw, same distance to SHU city campus). However, I'm not sure about the quality of the rooms, wifi, customer service in those places. Please let me know your reviews.
Thanks in advance
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Hi livtran, congrats on moving to Sheffield to start your masters! I've not lived in either of these halls but a good idea is to search the location on Instagram to see posts from other students, it will give you a good idea of student life and you could even message them to ask about the things you've mentioned above. Bramall Court have Instagram and have posted a student review video featuring a couple of students. You can do the same for Central Quay and check out their instagram @host.centralquay. There are also some good reviews on this website at the bottom of the page. Both accommodations are on different sides of Sheffield so it's worth checking how far your commute will be and what's around you. Bramall Court is next to Sheffield United football stadium but still quite central and has parking. Whereas Central Quay is in Kelham Island which is a popular area for cool independent restaurants and bars.
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Hi livtran,

As Harry mentioned, the main way to decide what accommodation is right depends on what type of thing you are looking for within walking distance. Central Quay is in Kelham Island, which has a supermarket right next door, lots of areas of relaxing and riverside views. Kelham Island is quickly becoming a must-visit spot in Sheffield. It used to be the home of the industrial heart, but is now voted one of the best neighbourhoods in the UK and Ireland. There's local bars, cafes and restaurants, one of them being the Cutlery Works - an independent food hall which caters to everyone. If you're a foodie - there's also Peddlar market, it opens the doors to a warehouse the first Friday and Saturday each month and has plenty of food, drinks and live music. So lots of choice of things to do and it isn't too far to walk into the city centre.

Bramhall Court is located near Bramhall Lane, on a quiet street not too far from the city centre. You get all the benefits of being close to the city centre and return to a quiet street afterwards.

As Harry mentioned, you'll find lots of pictures and reviews of both places online.

Congratulations on moving to Sheffield! Let me know if you have any other questions.


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