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I'm about to do my pig EMS next week, it's 3 weeks on an outdoor pig farm and I'm concerned about the heat. I've had heat stroke before when working in heatwaves and this week I'm struggling just staying cool while inactive in the house.

What farm appropriate clothing do you recommend that will keep me cool?

I have steel toe capped wellies, are these the best option for footwear? I can get some 'moisture wicking' thick socks for these.

Should I avoid the uni boiler suit?

Normally in the heat people recommend lightweight cotton/linen clothing, but would this be suitable around pigs?! I imagine wearing shorts is a bad idea!

Do I need waterproofs?

I checked with the farmer and I can wear whatever I like as long as it's disinfected etc, and it's not a shower in/out farm.

I haven't worked with pigs before - if I spend money on decent items will they be completely wrecked and unusable on my dairy EMS in august, or is it worth investing in something?

Thank you!
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Don't wear overalls unless you plan on wearing nothing underneath it.

Just a t shirt and hard wearing trousers (Dickies are a good option) that you don't mind wrecking is all you really need. A hat would also be recommended.

Steel wellies are fine but I wouldn't wear thick socks unless you want to be walking in sweat puddles all day.

Take waterproof top and bottoms in case.

Unfortunately you will just have to sweat in the heat, so drink plenty of water and seek shade when possible.

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