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Hey guys i just wanna a ask you guys about when I apply to LSE or UCL.
I am looking forward to apply for either finance or economics for both universities.

My predicted grades are
Mathematics - A *
further math - A
Econmics - A
Phsyics- B

The set of grade looks alright and my teachers told me it is a good set of grade but as I have asian family and they have high expectation they want me to improve my physics grade to A and I am taking retest to improve my grade at 3rd of September.

The things is i am confused whether to drop physics and apply with 3 subjects or apply with physics and dropping after getting an offer( going to tell lse or ucl before i drop it).

I have done math and economics club at school and have 2 gold certificate for UKMT senior maths challenge. I got an internship at a hedge fund and a tech firm for 2 weeks each during this summer.

I think i can manage to write an excellent personal statement as well.

I want you guys opintion about my sitatuoin and how much likely i will get offer from LSE finance (main goal) or economics.
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