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I wanted to study veterinary medicine in Romania and also live there,I always wanted to study abroad but have no money ,I have a bachelor in zoology already but still want to study veterinary medicine,I would have study veterinary medicine at my home country but it is too expensive and you have no place to work after you are done with your study and no university offer scholarships for veterinary medicine. I decided to go for Romania government scholarship but after reading the what the scholarship cover,It didn't mention about paying for my transportation to Romania and from Romania,not that am complaining as I said before I want to live in the place I wanted to study but all government scholarship require you to go back home when done with study by paying for the air ticket to go to the country and to come back,I always no they want me back home when am done with my study when they mention they will cover the around air fare tickets.but Romania government scholarship did not mention anything about air ticket to leave your country to Romania and to return back home when done with studies,they also said they won't cover for that and also my feeding ,so am confused,I don't want to apply without understanding if I will be going back home.

I don't know if there is anybody that went through Romania government scholarship and did they have to go home after they are done with their studies?🙏.
The things the full time scholarship cover,is accommodate, tuition fee,a stipend of 60 euro,that all,no international transport fee and feeding fee.
I just want to be sure.🙏
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