When I study I get *really* depressed

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(First of all, sorry for my poor English. It isn't my first language.)
Well then, this isn't something that popped up recently, I have been suffering from this since my childhood, but in a minor scale. Always that I need to study, I start crying and get really depressed (I take sertraline but it doesn't get better, so it may be a sequel of depression?). Even the simple fact of knowing that in the next days I'm gonna need to study makes me depressed.
I need to study for a math exam, but I really don't remember nor understand nothing, when I try to think my mind simply stops working and it goes blank.
What do you think?
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Maybe try other ways to revise that are more 'interesting' if you can, like find a way that makes it feel less like hard-core revision, whether this is by using a different revision method, studying somewhere else like outside or with a friend etc

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