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Heyy, basically I have gone through an adult diagnostic assessment for dyslexia and have sent them my report. I have applied for DSA, and received an email saying I am eligible for Dsa and to book an assessment with the link. I also received another email saying,’ we require a full diagnostic report.’ Which I have and medical evidence.

• Is a HCPC-Registered Practitioner Psychologist.

• Certifies that this assessment has been conducted in accordance with the requirements of the
SpLD Assessment Standards Committee [SASC] guidance on the Assessment of Specific Learning Difficulties in Higher Education and consequently, Student Finance England, as laid out in their guidance.

• Certifies that this assessment has been conducted and the report written in accordance with the British Psychological Society current guidelines for assessment of adults with specific cognitive difficulties (BPS 2017).

• Has personally (i) administered, (ii) scored and (iii) interpreted all the tests used in this assessment.

These where the these were the things with how my test was carried out, so I thought it followed all the requirements. I’m just confused on what to do next. Any help would be great.

Thank youuu
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