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I have a pretty slim and hourglass figure and tend to wear low waisted jeans and crop tops. Recently, my friend and I have been hanging out every day, and she’s been kinda self conscious about her weight gain. Today, she had gotten her bf to tell me that I should wear full shirts around her because I make her feel insecure. I’ve never been asked this nor thought that I made others uncomfortable, I always just thought people should wear what they wanna. Should I change how I dress or encourage a different way of finding confidence? Maybe I should do both, idk, probably a useless post, just feel really guilty and want to rant and hear what others think about this. Apart from the clothing problem, maybe someone could send some tips on how I can help boost her confidence? Thanks for taking time to read this my dudes, hope y’all are doing well x
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i think that you shouldn't have to change the way you dress and express yourself for this friend, rather encourage other ways to promote your friends confidence,
As far as helping boost her confidence, tell her that she is beautiful, and maybe try going shopping with her so she can find clothes and a style that she thinks she looks good in

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