John Wick franchise = Best in action cinema.

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This franchise is one of the best action movies. The fighting sequences are thrilling and so intense. The movies are so gripping. I rewatched this movie recently and it's still a tour de force. I think it's a breath of fresh air from the CGI-driven Avengers BS.

Below are 2 great example scenes from the movie, and the reasons.

Let me know what you all think.

1) The fighting seems so continuous and nautral. He moves so fast like a cheetah, and the camera doesn't cut too much. So it feels like I am actually standing in a spot (or moving around) as he is fighting, and I'm watching the carnage.

2) I like the way Wick uses his pistol. The gunplay is so precise. He's like a fencer or doing ballet. So meticulous. He never shoots for no reason or vaguely in some direction (like in most action movies). He's good at spotting opportunities, and the physical fighting between shots are absolutely brilliant! He also doesn't do that senseless over-the-top kung-fu. The impact from the bullets is so believable too. Quite often, in movies, the villains just fall to the ground. Here you see the bloodsplat! Fighting so intense - up there with Michael Mann's Heat shootout?

3) The Reloading. There aren't endless bullets in a gun. I love that they show this. Honestly it adds to the gripping intensity. The way he reloads too is so quick and stylish.

4) The lighting and music. So much of the fighting seems to have an environment of dazzling vivid colours. I think it adds to the shimmering dazzling feel of a predator on the hunt. The badass techno beats and base sound are incredible also. Like being on a train to hell. It also has its own mise en scene and physics. It's own life force: the coins, Continental hotel etc...

5) John Wick is not perfect. It's very interesting that the movie shows him getting shot and beaten-up by enemies. You can see him in pain or limping and struggling at times. It probably makes this fighting more fearsome than any stupid marvel fight (Hulk v Thor). Because he isn't invincible, he really could get shot and hit. Although, he is fierce, quick and agile - he can't go on forever. You never get this sense/feeling with Hollywood superheros movies.

6) Keanu - Silent & deadly. Great delivery: "People keep asking if I'm back....". The movie isn't overborne with ages of "character development". No gratuitious James Bond sex scenes, no constant comedic relief in unnecessary moments (E.g.: Guardians of The Galaxy and Mission Impossible), or mindless chit-chat (Spidey-boy). Didn't drag out his back story either. In fact, I think the quiet moments heightened the emotion. I hate when movies have to "show you" that he loved her with cringing interactions. It's enough that I can see that the dog meant a lot. And like 'The Equalizer', he won't call the police. Something so cathertic when a villain gets their ass handed to them.

7) That ****ing pencil.

Another scene: John Wick: Chapter 2 (2017) - Pencil Kill Scene (6/10) | Movieclips
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