Is a 4 in GCSE English Language enough to study A-levels at CTK St Mary's?

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I am currently in year 12 and am deciding to retake year 12 at a different school after discovering BTECs are not for me. (I'm not good at coursework and deadlines. I prefer studying for exams).
I will be hopefully going to (CTK) Christ The King St Mary's Sixth Form college in September. I have applied to study the A-levels: Maths, Physics and Chemistry. I meet the entry requirements to study these A-levels. I have a 6 in GCSE Maths after resitting in the November 2020 after being given a 3 at the August results day 2020. I received a 6,7 in Combined Science from the 2020 August results day.

The only big worry for me is that I only have a 4 in English Language and I am due to receive my resit results on August 12th. I am unsure as to whether or not I will have got the grade 5 in the resit, and if not, will having a 4 affect my application as I won't meet the general entry requirements. CTK St Mary's general entry requirement being: 5 GCSEs at grade 5 and above (Including the subjects Maths, English Language and Science). Currently standing i only have 4 GCSE's at grade 5 and above only including Maths and Science and not English Language. Will they admit me as i am not choosing any English heavy subjects and only doing STEM subjects? Will not having a 5 in English language affect my Universality chances even with amazing A-level grades?

Any help will be welcome. Thank you for taking the time to read this
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The best way to know it is by asking them directly. My college has the same requirements (min. 5 GCSE grade 5 or above) on their website or even when you speak to tutors. However, there are students, like me, who only holds a GCSE Maths and FS English (equivalent to a 4 GCSE English Language), and I have been accepted to study their course.
Also, you can tell them your history in the past year and things such as attendance, punctuality, grades, reference from your current teachers as well as how motivated you are to carry out the course.
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