He’s started using his old snapchat account..

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I’ve been with my boyfriend for 3 months so the relationship is fairly new! He made a new snapchat account whilst we were dating and was telling me to add him on his new account. However, I still have his other account on SC and (I admit slight trust issues) but his snap-score on his old account has gone up by over 1,000 in a month. I wasn’t too worried thinking it might just be for people he does gaming with or something but he’s really protective over his phone. For example, he takes his phone to the toilet if we go out to eat, if we watch a film and he goes to the kitchen to get snacks he’ll take it with him.

Honest opinions please... does this sound a bit suspicious (eg talking to other girls etc) or am I looking into it too much?
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I think you're looking into it too much, it's ok for guys to talk to other girls, as long as their intentions are good.

A lot of guys take their phone to the toilet, as unhygienic as it is, normal behaviour.

I'm getting a sense of insecurity, not 100% sure. The new account he made is likely for just you and him.
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