Ever since I turned 17, I've been getting more and more afraid of adulthood, why?

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This April I turned 17 and as great a birthday it was, since that day the revelation that I am now living the final months of my childhood and that the world I know will soon end is terrifying me.

Next September I'll be at Uni with no friends or family nearby and I'll have the responsibilities of an adult on my shoulders. It's funny, all my life I've been keen to grow up and be a part of the adult world but now that I'm nearing its door all I want is to go back. I'm losing sleep thinking about whether or not I made the most of those carefree years, or if perhaps I took then for granted.

How do I learn to cope with the inevitability of growing up?
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Not surprising as you’ve spent most of your life as a child so far. There’s nothing that can be done about it, it’ll be scary at first but the more you’re exposed to it the easier and more comfortable it gets. Besides, you won’t have to do proper adulting until you leave uni and begin job searching.
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You don't have to go uni accommodation, you could stay at home with your parents, just commute when you have classes when you have them and it will save you a lot of money as well.

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