Ask a Food Science Student – Why I chose to study Food Science at Reading

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Hi everyone,
My name is Thomas and I study Food Science in the Department of Chemistry, Food and Pharmacy at the University of Reading. I chose to study Food Science because I really enjoy the ability to continue my studies in microbiology as well as engineering whilst developing a greater appreciation of something that most people don’t think about … food.

Since Food Science is a multidisciplinary subject, the first year of the Food Science course shares the same core modules as the Food Science with Nutrition and the Food Science with bioprocessing courses. This allowed me to gain a variety of skills and facilitates subject specialism in subsequent years. Whilst being varied, I felt like I could still create links between the principles discussed in different modules. This variety of modules kept me motivated and engaged throughout the year. One day I would learn about the dairy industry in my ‘Farm to Fork’ module, the next I could develop my practical knowledge and create ice cream in my ‘Introduction to Food Processing and Engineering’ module.

At the end of the Spring term 1st year, it is time to choose your optional modules for 2nd year. As a part of my course, I could choose 20 credits worth of modules (1/6 of the 2nd year content), which enables some specialism within the subject. Since I had experienced multiple sides of Food science in 1st year, I was more confident in choosing modules that I would enjoy. Overall, studying at university is a very different experience from what you may have studied before, your interest within subject areas may change once you start to learn it at a higher level. That is why I would always recommend keeping an open mind during your studies, especially in your first year.

Do you have any questions about food science or about studying at university?

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