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Hi all, I’m looking to go to university as a mature student. I’m 26 years old. I want to study an accounting degree at university hopefully in 2022. I currently don’t have the right qualifications to get into uni this year and I’ve come across an access to higher education diploma in business and accounting. As a mature student is that currently the best and easiest way to get into university even if I have to study a foundation year in which I don’t mind doing? Also, when looking on the ucas website and the entry requirements for some universities, it actually doesn’t state that you need to study an access course in the same field you are choosing to study at university level. It just says in entry requirements that an access to higher education diploma is an entry requirement. So my question is, although I’m not going to do it, could you study an access course in say computing but still apply for an accounting degree at university? I would assume that would be okay just in case you did want a career change? Do they only look at the grade you’ve received?
Thanks and hope to hear from you soon.
Satori Tendō
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If it's something that isn't mentioned, I would say email the University course directly, they often get back in a timely manner and give good info

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