I am awful at interviews and I think I'm just getting worse...

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I am an NQT, and have been applying for jobs for a teaching role.

Even before enrolling on to my ITT course the jobs I would apply for such as of a TA, LSA etc, my interviews would always be unsuccessful. The same for these teaching interviews too. (I'm still quite surprised, I made it into University with my interview skills tbh).

I know the market is currently tough job wise, considering the Covid and how many NQT's from last year haven't secured a job yet. So it makes me feel slightly better that I'm not the only one.

But, my main issue of an interview is not the lesson teaching/observation part. From the feedback I have obtained, is that my planning, lessons I teach are very strong and are outstanding, however, the interview side of things is quite dry and I tend to waffle a lot.

It is due to nerves, but also because my mind just goes blank. I could be familiar with a question and have the perfect answer to it, but as soon as I am asked the question it's like my brain stops functioning.

I was advised, by one of the heads to practice interview skills at my placement with SLT. I tried to arrange it on many occasions but due to the whole Covid situation it has been impossible to organise that.

I am signing up to agencies now, as I know they are my only hope from post September and hoping to get long term supply so I can start working towards my Early Career Targets. But for the long run, I really want to improve my interview skills.

Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks
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