Ask a Food Science Student – What are applicant interviews like?

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Hi everyone,

As a part of the application process for some of the courses here at Reading, you will be invited for an interview on an applicant day. These applicant days are for more than just an interview but offer a unique opportunity to visit the Reading campus and even interact with fellow applicants.

My applicant day for BSc Food science took place at the end of the Autumn term (around December) and involved two main activities. On arrival, applicants are split into two groups, one group has their interview first and the other group were taken into the lab to liaise with other applicants and do a practical activity.

The activity for my group involved a ‘who done it’ type of story and required food analysis assays to determine the culprit. This really helped me find my place at Reading, although I had visited the campus during an open day, this allowed me to have hands-on experience within one of the labs.

Once the practical activity concluded, my group was escorted into a waiting room to wait for our interviews. During the interview, I discussed my personal statement and answering some questions regarding my experience with equipment etc. This allowed me to show my subject interests through a discussion with an expert in the field interest and meant that any inaccuracies in my personal statement would be noticed. After, there was a short subject knowledge question, which shows your interest in the subject and your current knowledge.

Overall, the interview process was not as stressful as I thought it would be, ensuring that you have an interest in your subject and have been truthful in your application process. It acts not only as an interview of you but an interview of the university as the extra experience within the department where you will be learning helps to decide if you want to study there.

Does the course that you are interested in have an interview? or would you like to know anything about the application process?

2nd year Student Ambassador, Food Science

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