I (18yrs) was groped by a 13-14 yr old family friend

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(Btw our families are really close and would definitely be blood relatives if they had the choice.) Today I was wearing a skirt and he gripped my butt and kept trying to inch to 'that' area when we were watching TV with my younger brother (10) and would keep on trying to grip my butt whenever I wanted to sit down or shift in my seat etc....

Ik it sounds bizzare that I would ever let a child do that to me but having been molested from the ages of 9-14 by his older brother, I have discovered that I tend to freeze in these types of scenarios. I find it very hard to escape this frozen stance especially since his brother did similar things to me which eventually got alot worse over time.

I have a history of sexual abuse and rape but it was the first time something like this ever happened with someone who is younger than me. I dont know if he's at an age where he's curious or something but it made me sick to the core. I feel so pathetic, so-so-so pathetic that I would ever allow a minor to do that to me, but immediately as it happened I was brought back to the times when I was being abused by his older brother and shifted into the scared 9yr old girl I was before.

I thought about telling his parents, but their mother is one of those parent's who believes their children can never do any wrong (plus their dad doesn't like me much). Telling my parents isn't an option either since they didn't do anything when I told them about my sexual abuse encounters with his older brother. So I've resulted to avoiding him until I leave for uni in Sept. Ensuring I'm out the house whenever I can be, which isn't ideal since I wanted to spend majority of summer with my family but if it means avoiding situations like that arising again, I definitely have to do it. I'm open to advice but I think I just needed to get it off my chest for now.

Thanks for reading if you got this far.
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I'm probs gonna go sleep so doz if I don't reply straight away

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